The purpose of the project is to provide scientifically valid information, based on current, accurate data that is relevant to the development of health policy and practice in women’s health.

By looking at the factors contributing to the physical and emotional health of individual women in Australia, ALSWH particularly aims to provide information that will assist State and Federal Governments to plan for the future and to develop policies which are most appropriate to Australians of all ages in the twenty-first century.

Additionally, the project aims to clarify cause-and-effect relationships between women's health and a range of biological, psychological, social and lifestyle factors, and to assess the effects of changes in health policy and practice.

ALSWH aims to help shape the future of women’s health in Australia by:

  • Identifying the social, psychological, physical and environmental factors which determine good health, and those which cause ill-health, in women throughout adult life.
  • Identifying when, if and how the health system meets the health needs of women and helping to guide future policy and planning of women’s health care services.
  • Providing information on the long term health effects of events in women’s lives and on the factors that modify these effects.
  • Giving an opportunity for Australian women to have a say about their health and health services.
  • Providing a national research resource on women’s health issues.
  • Providing data which will help motivate women to participate in decision making on health.