ALSWH theme


Use of and Satisfaction With Health Care Services

Includes availability of, access to and utilisation of health services, cultural appropriateness and women’s perceptions of the quality of care provided.

Life Stages and Key Events

Identifies factors that help women to maintain the highest level of health and quality of life following key events such as birth of first child, divorce, menopause, widowhood, major illness, moving house, changing job, falls and fractures in the elderly, dementia and bereavement.

Time Use

Provides an indicator of women’s roles in paid and unpaid work and providing care for others. There are questions about social support, overload, independence, leisure, feeling rushed, aspirations and financial resources.

Weight and Exercise

Includes the impact of weight and exercise, dieting and eating disorders on health outcomes. Questions include items about perceptions of body image, as well as general well being and quality of life, dieting and weight change.


Explores issues surrounding women’s experiences of physical and sexual abuse harassment, as well as issues of psychological and social abuse of older women.