Planned website maintenance

The ALSWH website will be offline from 3:00 pm Friday, October 2nd for a period of 6 to 48 hours.  

The current round of EOI submissions closes on Wednesday, 30th September 2020. The online EOI submissions site will be unavailable from this date. If you need to submit applications after this, please email

The online EOI submission system will be replaced with the new ALSWH Data User Portal. Stage one of the Data User Portal will initially be open to project liaisons and lead collaborators who will receive an email when the system is ready to access. 


Data may be made available to collaborating researchers where there is a formal request to make use of the material. Permission to use the data must be obtained from the Data Access Committee of ALSWH. A list of approved analyses and substudies currently being conducted with the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health data can be found here.

Data Access and Research Outcomes – FAQs


What you need to know before you apply:

Please read the following documents before making your submission:

Apply here:

Some users have received an error message when attempting to access the Data Linkage Variable Request Form through the online EOI system. If this occurs please be aware that the online portion of your EOI has been submitted. However, you will need to download and email the Data Linkage Variable Request form to finalise your application. 



What you need to know before you apply:

Please read the following documents before making your submission:

Apply here:


Please refer to the dissemination page for a list of acknowledgements that you must use in any publication or presentation.

Additional forms:

Please note the following ALSWH Data Access Committee meeting schedule for an approximate timeframe for processing Expressions of Interest:

   Applications Close
   Review Period  Notification of Outcome
  31 January   February - March   Late March
  31 March   April - May   Late May
  31 May   June - July   Late July
  31 July   August - September   Late September
  30 September   October - November   Late November
  30 November   December - January   Late January


When your analysis or substudy is approved, you will be sent a copy of the following documents:
Document D. Statement Governing the Analysis, Use and Publication of Data December 2018
Document E. Privacy Protocol Updated May 2018

For further information please contact: