Data may be made available to collaborating researchers where there is a formal request to make use of the material. Permission to use the data must be obtained from the Publications, Analyses and Substudies (PSA) Committee of ALSWH. A list of approved analyses and substudies curently being conducted with the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health data can be found here.

The following steps should be followed when planning a proposal to access ALSWH data:



Please read the following documents before making your submission:

To submit an application for a new analysis, please use the following form:

Additional forms:

Please note the following ALSWH Publications, Substudies and Analyses Committee meeting schedule for an approximate timeframe for processing Expressions of Interest:

   Applications Close
   Review Period  Notification of Outcome
  31 January   February - March   Late March
  31 March   April - May   Late May
  31 May   June - July   Late July
  31 July   August - September   Late September
  30 September   October - November   Late November
  30 November   December - January   Late January


When your analysis or substudy is approved, you will be sent a copy of the following documents:
Document D. Statement Governing the Analysis, Use and Publication of Data Februrary 2013
Document E. Privacy Protocol Updated July 2014

For further information, or to submit your application for data access, please contact: