Karen Furlong: Epidemiology of osteoporosis in Australian women.

Purpose of the study: Osteoporosis is characterized by increased bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture with the most common type being hip, spine, wrist, forearm and humerus. The goal of this study is to examine factors associated with the diagnosis of osteoporosis by examining date from two cohorts of Australian women to characterize those who report a doctor-diagnosis of osteoporosis compared to the rest of the cohort, in relation to a range of variables such as health behaviours and reproductive factors. This involves the secondary analysis of date from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, examining the mid-aged cohort and the older-aged cohort. I will be conducting a baseline exploratory analysis of those who report osteoporosis, then examining new cases and comparing these two groups with those who do not report osteoporosis. This may lead to greater understanding of the condition and contribute to the knowledge about women who are at risk of osteoporosis.