Data Dictionary Supplement

 1. Introduction
  The Study  
  The Data Dictionary  
  Scales in the ALSWH  
  Data Books  
  Data Technical Reports  
2. Core Survey Dataset 
2.1 Demographic Variables 
  Labour Force Participation  
  Labour Force Participation (Work Study)  
  Living Arrangements  
  Marital Status  
  Country of Birth and Language Spoken at Home  
  Short Surveys  
2.2 Gynaecologic & Obstetric Variables 
  Menopausal status  
  Reproductive events  
2.3 Health-related Quality of Life Variables 
SF-36 Physical Functioning  
  Role Physical  
  Bodily Pain  
  General Health  
  Social Functioning  
  Role Emotional  
  Mental Health  
  Health Transition  
  Standardised Component Scores  
  Screening for Depression with the SF-36  
2.4 Health Service Use Variables 
  Visit to a General Practitioner  
  General Practitioner Satisfaction  
  General Practitioner Use  
2.5 Lifestyle Variables 
  Alcohol status and Alcohol binge status  
  Alcohol Intake and Pattern of Alcohol Consumption  
  Illicit drug use-Individual drugs  
  Illicit drug use- Summaries of drug use  
  Physical Activity - Overview  
  Physical Activity- Survey 1  
  Physical Activity- Survey 1 revised  
  Physical Activity- Survey 2 and later surveys  
  Physical Activity - 1989-95 Cohort  
  Sitting Time  
  Smoking Status  
  Smoking Status - 1989-95 Cohort  
2.6 Medical History Variables 
  Cognitive decline (MAC-Q)  
2.7 Psychosocial Variables 
  Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale- Shortened Version (CESD)  
  Duke Social Support Index(DSSI)  
  Goldberg Anxiety and Depression Inentory (GADS)  
  Health-Related Hardiness  
  The Revised Life Orientation Test (LOT-R)  
  Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Index  
  Sense of Neighbourhood and Neighbourhood Safety  
  Percieved Control  
  Proportion of Life Events
  Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, K10 

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Depression and Anxiety Stress Scales
Work Family Conflict Scale
McMaster Family Access Scales
Vulnerability to Abuse Screening Scale (VASS)

2.8 Activities of Daily Living 
  Activities of Daily Living  
2.9 Life Satisfaction
  Life Satisfaction  
3. Anthropometry
  Data Cleaning for Height and Weight  
  Estimated Height  
  Body mass index  
  Weight Change  
  Heights and weights-Older cohort  
  Waist Measurement  
4. Nutrients (including Food Frequency)
  Introductory Information  
  Source Variables- Food Frequency Items  
  Download the FFQ Information for Users (pdf)  
  Derived Variables- Nutrients  
  Data Management of the DQES

Australian Nutrition Screening Initiative, ANSI

5. Geo-coded Data
  ARIA Scores: Index of accessibility/remoteness  
  SEIFA 1996 Indexes  
  Modified Monash Model  
  Geo-coding variables in ALSWH datasets  
6. Self-Reported Medications
7. Childbirth Dataset

Child Data - 1989-95 cohort
Child Data - 1973-78 cohort

8. Participant Status and Cause of Death

Participant Status and Cause of Death

9. Symptoms


10. Qualitative Data  
  Qualitative Data