Data Linkage: Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

PBS data linked to Women's Health Australia survey data are available for the 1921-26, 1946-51, 1973-78, and 1989-95 cohorts. The PBS data were extracted by matching a list of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) provided with the PBS claims data. These data contain Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) items if they exist. The linked PBS data range from May 2002 to 30 June 2019.

The PBS data contain complete under co-payment items from 2013 onwards. There were under co-payments items in the 2012 data, however they were not complete for the whole of 2012


This dataset has the PBS records for those survey participants who did not opt out of linked PBS data. The number of women who opted out from each cohort were:

  • 353 women from the 1921-26 cohort
  • 757 women from the 1946-51 cohort
  • 741 from the 1973-78 cohort
  • 17 from the 1989-95 cohort

PBS information for women who opted out will not be on the linked dataset, however these women will be present on the Women’s Health Australia survey datasets.


Additional PBS documents will be made available to investigators on delivery of data.

Downloads File Type
List of PBS variables PDF
Description of the PBS variables PDF
PBS data linked to Women’s Health Australia (ALSWH) and the Copayment PDF
Guide to using PBS Data  
PBS dummy dataset .csv