Data Linkage: Cancer Data

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health linkage to the Australian Cancer Database.

In August 2019 ALSWH data were linked to the Australian Cancer Database, ACD. The resulting single dataset has cancer information from all states and territories for those ALSWH women who did not opt out of this linkage. This dataset replaces the previous state-based linked cancer datasets ALSWH had from some but not all of the states. The linkage was probabilistic and carried out by the AIHW Data Linkage Unit. Cancers from 1982 to 2015 are included, except for New South Wales which only includes cancers up to December 2014.

The four ALSWH birth cohorts 1921-26, 1946-51, 1973-78 and 1989-95 were linked to the ACD.


List of Cancer variables

Linkage Report

Meta Data description