ALSWH Liaison

It is a requirement that an ALSWH Liaison person be involved on every project in order to help with correct use and interpretation of the data.

A Liaison person must be contacted before the EoI is prepared, and must see the completed EoI before it is submitted to the ALSWH.

ALSWH Liaison people are very familiar with ALSWH data as well as the areas of research currently being conducted using the data. Therefore they are able to provide the best advice regarding the feasibility of any prospective projects.

The responsibility of an ALSWH liaison person is limited to the following:

  • Discussing the EoI application with the potential collaborator/s
  • Providing advice on developing the research plan (including appropriate use of ALSWH data)
  • Maintaining contact with the lead collaborator for the duration of the project
  • Reviewing publications and manuscripts before they are submitted to a journal or editor (the ALSWH Liaison person reserves the right to refer publications to the ALSWH Publications, Substudies and Analyses Committee)

The ALSWH researchers available to be liaison people, and their research interests, are listed below.

ALSWH Liaison Person

Specific research interests and areas of expertise

Professor Gita Mishra
Ph: 07 3346 5224
  • social inequality in health
  • diet
  • weight trajectories
  • chronic diseases (CVD, diabetes, depression) related to reproductive health
  • menarche, hysterectomy, menopause, symptoms, hormone use
  • pregnancy complications and birth outcomes
  • statistical methodology relevant to longitudinal and life course data

  Professor Annette Dobson
  Ph: 07 336 55346

  • tobacco control / smoking
  • statistical methods
  • rural health
  • chronic disease (e.g. cardiovascular disease, depression, musculoskeletal conditions)
  • obesity
  • health services use
  • Data linkage expertise

Professor Julie Byles
Ph: 02 4040 0668

  • ageing including; the role of health services, preventive activities, and treatments in maintaining quality of life for older people, and in determining physical, psychological and social factors associated with optimal physical and mental health of men and women as they age
  • risk determination, assessment, screening and diagnostic tests
  • health care evaluation, and measurement of health outcomes
  • aged care
  • mature-age workforce participation and retirement
  • Data linkage expertise

  Professor Wendy Brown
  Ph: 07 3365 6446


  •  physical activity
  •  weight and weight gain
  •  sedentary behaviour
  • health promotion and illness/disease prevention
  • prevention and management of chronic illness

Professor Deborah Loxton
Ph: 02 4042 0690

  • reproductive health
  • prenatal and maternal health behaviour
  • sole and young motherhood
  • the health impact of intimate partner violence and other forms of abuse
  • multiple disadvantage and health outcomes
  • Data linkage expertise

  Associate Professor Leigh Tooth
  Ph: 07 3346 4691

  • caregiving (predictors of, transitions in, outcomes of)
  • social inequalities research (in particular social mobility, education)
  • mothers and their children’s health
  • comorbidity
  • chronic disease
  • evidence-based practice
  • health service research

Professor Jayne Lucke
Ph: 03 9479 8813

  • sexual health
  • reproductive health, particularly contraceptive use
  • patterns of fertility and infertility


  Ms Peta Forder
  Ph: 02 4042 0676

  • domestic violence and partner abuse
  • adverse experiences and environments during childhood
  • chronic health (particularly diabetes & cardiovascular disease)
  • cancer
  • reproductive and maternal health
  • birth outcomes and prenatal health
  • statistical methods
  • Data linkage expertise


  Dr Melissa Harris
  Ph: 02 4042 0621

  • Chronic disease and health service use
  • Chronic disease management
  • Role of psychosocial factors (particularly stress and poor mental health) in physical health outcomes for chronic disease (disease onset and quality of life)
  • Patterns and impact of contraceptive use (including birth outcomes)
  • Data linkage expertise